May Pastor’s Pen

Welcome to May 2019!  Spring is officially here!  The birds are singing and building nests.  The rabbits are running around and finding new homes.  The flowers and trees are blooming.  What a beautiful season!

I love the fact that Resurrection Sunday is in the Springtime of the year and I love how Jesus said, “I make all things new……….”

May is the month we celebrate all you beautiful mothers.  We don’t just honor all the mothers but we honor all the wonderful women of God in our congregation.  

I’m so thankful for my mother and thank the good Lord she is still with us this year.  I’m thankful for my mother-in-law as well.  She provided me with such a beautiful, wonderful and much needed partner in ministry.  

I’m very encouraged with how God is moving in our services and for the new classes and programs we have in place this year.  We are very appreciative to our new men’s and women’s ministry leaders – Ken, Gus, Nate, Roxanne, Janet and Ashely.

Thank you to everyone for getting involved and for supporting the work of God with your time, effort, energy and finances.

Be encouraged, stay involved, be faithful and let’s all be filled, submitted and committed to the Kingdom of God.

We love you!

Pastor Steve & Debbie

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