January Pastor’s Pen

Wow…2019 sounds so futuristic! I know that’s what I
thought when I started working at the prison 30 years
ago in 1989 and they told me I could retire in 2019. Well
guess what? The future is here! Once again God has
proven His faithfulness to us in the year 2018, and I’m
sure 2019 will be no different. The same God that brought
us through 2018 will bring us through 2019. We are so
thankful for everything God did for us in 2018, but now
we look forward with an eager expectation and a holy
anticipation for what God has in store for 2019. Many
new ministries will be launched this year here at FGEC,
so stay tuned for all those. Like we always say, “keep your
fork, because the best is yet to come!” I’m so looking
forward to our new bible study and youth night on
Wednesday’s here downtown at 7pm. Plan on being
with us every Wednesday and bring someone with you!

Be encouraged, be involved, stay faithful, and let’s keep pushing!

We love you!

Pastor Steve and Debbie

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